My first real, honest-to-goodness “Spring Break”!

I am rather excited. My first two spring break experiences happened in Akron, Iowa. Home. It is nice to be home for a while, especially when I haven’t really lived at home since my senior year of high school and it is a good four hours away from Ames. Being at home is always a treat. But it isn’t a vacation, it isn’t with your friends – it isn’t what Spring Break is supposed to be.

Spring Break is supposed to be a plane trip away. I’m at least a step in between this year: a 10-hour road trip to the touristy, historical, and cultural Black Hills. Sarah Frundle, Kenzie Bishop, and I are going to adventure far from home, and we are going to lounge for free at my dad’s house (my dad’s hot-tub-in-the-back-yard house). We are going to Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, horse back ride, and antique shop. It might not be Cancun or Barbados, but it will be cheaper and it will be a bonafide trip away from Ames, away from Iowa, and away from anything we know.

I am very excited.