Wearing a drowsy veil, I let myself into the dark house. Once again the last one home, I tried to be quiet. I had been cramping all night and hadn’t all the homework done that had I wanted. “Whatever.” I thought. “Tomorrow, I guess.” After changing in the dressing room and getting my body prepared to go to sleep, I crept up to our bedroom.

Surprise surprise! My roommates, Kenzie and Bailey, were still awake! And cheerfully awake, none-the-less. And all of a sudden, even though it was hours after my bedtime, so was I! I climbed into bed and we started talking. And then we watched last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model online. And then we watched the episode from the week before that. And then we talk talk talked. And then in started storming, and we laughed about the gnomes running for cover in Marcy’s kennel (or, the “Coon Kennel”). Even though my throat hurt and was sending me warning signals of morning soreness, we kept whispering and talking until after three AM. The thunder rolled, and even after the words stopped, the thoughts continued.

Beautiful spring is on its way. I am in love like I haven’t been before, a peaceful, careless love at the moment. I am excited to live with Kate this summer, and who knows where this fall? It doesn’t matter, God will provide. I have a thousand different papers and projects to work on, I’m sure they’ll get done on time. I am going to Rwanda, but first I am telling my church about this new adventure on Sunday. Tonight I lay with Kenzie, in a year will I be laying with someone?

Bailey sniffed in the dark, most likely at the owl that hoots in our back yard. I roll over for the hundredth time.