When I signed up for my anthropology class on Africa, I expected to learn more about Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan. Sierra Lione, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast… I wanted to learn about atrocities, and that way I could find out where I was supposed to go. I can’t help it, I’m being called. But for the last 15 weeks all I’ve learned about was Africa’s prehistory, slavery, old kingdoms.

I show up to class this last week. I’m sick and I want to be at home. And Dr. Jones puts Invisible Children into the player.

All of a sudden I remember the reason I am going to Rwanda. Miranda Eness in Hobby Lobby talkin about Invisible Children. A bonfire with Rachel Vorm and Ryan Seiler, talking about Uganda. Hot tubbing with Liz Knuth, crying about Africa. Steven talkin to Nancy about Rwanda. Messaging Dana Halferty. Asking Sarah. Talking to Joe about plane tickets.

Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, The Last King of Scotland. Just a start. I’m going to Rwanda. I want to bring attention to East-Central Africa. Three months away. I want to cry today, right now, because I spent all morning laying in bed watching Australia’s Next Top Model. In Uganda, kids are being brainwashed to kill.

Maybe I won’t come back from Africa. I don’t want to come back.