I LOVE fairy tales and haunting stories from around the world.

One of my favorite students, Chae-yun, told me about 구미호 (kumiho) today.  I think I want to be a kumiho for Halloween.  It’s a fox with nine long tails; it’s a spirit that haunts Korea.  Read about it yourself at the link.

Anyway, today has been kind of sucky.  I’m really tired, the kids are in a “2 days away from Chuseok” kind of non-listening mood, and someone told me I have to come in and work on a Saturday in October.  Just for 2 hours, but it still put me in a bad mood.  I was planning on going out of town that Saturday for a festival, but I guess not.  It’s just been that kind of week.

So happy about Chuseok next week.  Maybe I’m kind of in one of those moods too.

Half of my life is spent trying to ward of inaccurate nostalgia.