Hi Cry Babies,

What did I tell you about checking my blog?  Do it EVERY DAY even when I don’t update.  There’s years of gold documented here – trust me.  And I actually haven’t finished uploading all my old posts from my old blog yet.  Yep.  Pure damn gold.

So I got remarried this weekend to one of my dearest bestest sexiest lover friends, Mamie.  She’s a knockout, and I’ve never ever come across someone who is simultaneously OPEN MINDED and OPINIONATED at the same time.  This is just one reason that I love her.

I got to talk to ELIZABETH!  EEEEEEEEEEE.  It was an hour or two of laughter and much needed bonding.  I wish I could have spent the whole blizzardy weekend hanging out with her and Gus and making sugar cookies.

I also got magic straight again, which did the trick but also fried the ends of my hair.  And this time they didn’t give me a trim!  So I had to go somewhere else last night to get a trim/cut, and it looks great.

Finally, I inhaled a mosquito, and now my throat feels like it’s three times too big.  Grrreat.