This summer I was one of those fortunate souls whose vice principal understood how stupid it is to keep the English teacher chained to her desk during vacation.  I don’t know why, but there is a rule that the GET (Guest English Teacher) only gets a couple of weeks off/school vacation.  So the school is out for six weeks, but GETs only get to take off two of them.  For three of them we have English Camp for a few hours each morning, but other than that we have nothing to do, and NOBODY ELSE (except the principal or vice principal, who always have to work) is present in the school building.  So lots of great administrators see the stupidity of keeping us there and quietly let us slip out the back door after our English Camp duties are fulfilled each day.

But I have a new vice principal, and I was told a couple of days ago that I must stay in the school until 4 each day during vacation.  Which means that when I’m finished with English Camp at noon each day, I have to head to my classroom and do one of these few things: watch a movie; sleep; surf the internet; look out the window; read a book; spin in circles; draw pictures; find passages to Narnia.

I know that sounds somewhat interesting, but after the first of four weeks of this regimen, I have a feeling I’m going to be ready to pull my hair out.

However, now that I got the mandatory “I’m-a-GET-so-I-should-complain-about-everything-cry-cry-cry” bitterness out of my system, I’m going to say this: somehow, at least until it does get to the hair-pulling part, I’m a little excited to crank the heater (out of as much spite as necessity), lay on my 오돌 heated floors, and curl up with a book or a movie.  Or turn on my favorite music and write.  Or take a nap.  Because that’s probably what I’d be doing at home for at least a half of the days anyway.  So yeah, it sucks I can’t do it at home with friends, but for now, it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world – the worst thing in comparison is no vacation at all, with the kids, and the lesson plans, and the lurking people, which I love, but I could definitely use a break from.

And English Camp is going to be way fun, especially because almost all of my favorite kids are coming.  Secret favorites.

But then my two weeks of vacation will come, and even though we’re still undecided about what we might do with that time, I do know that it is MINE, and I WON’T be at school, and that makes me mucho happy.