I’ve become obsessed with cyber-window shopping, and I feel like I have to share some of the coolest things in the world with my faithful band of followers (all 4 of you).

I am coming to terms with my obsession with foxes.  This shirt is SO CUTE.  You can find it here or you can visit the Dandyrion’s Etsy shop here.

I have been going back and back and back to Anthropologie’s website to see if this is still here or if the price has gone down enough to make it worth it (it hasn’t).  But if you do go to the website and check it out, zoom up on the skirt – it glitters.

Sloths are the coolest animals in the world, so this is the coolest pin in the world.  You can search for more really cool animal accessories at the Meg J. Roberts Etsy Shop.

I stumbled on this artist, Youmin, while looking for fine art for my future home someday… this artist is TIGHT.  And, a special added bonus surprise – she’s Korean and writes in Korean at the bottom of many of her paintings.  This is called the Tree of Luck (행운의나우).  Check out Youmin’s Etsy Shop – she also does smaller versions of her paintings into cameo necklaces, and I want one of those, too.

This silver ring is just cool.  See White Fly’s Etsy Shop.

I can’t show you everything at once, but I hope you enjoy these!  I need to go work on a review power point for my after school classes!