This Favorite Things thing is too fun, especially during Christmas season (when I can’t get any of these things because they are half a world away and asking family members to send us anything is like asking a complete stranger to pay for your cab ride home).

I am a big fan of garlands.  I have three up in our apartment here – two with random pictures and cards and another of Tibetan prayer flags.  But I would put seven up on every wall if I could.

alphabet garland

This alphabet garland is really cool – I’ve been wanting to put an alphabet list up in my classroom because my kids are not so hot on phonics – so I might actually order this one!  Found here at PrettyLittleStudio‘s Etsy Shop.

blackbird garland

I like this cloth garland because 1) it’s a garland, 2) it’s got birds (obsessed) on it, and 3) it’s on cloth, so you could hang it outside and not worry about rain ruining it.  There’s another cool one by the same artist, Blackbird Letterpress.


More birds, plus vintage: Vintage Birds Postcard Garland by Vintage Scraps.

Not really a garland, but you get the picture.  Plus, good for the environment!  Found here at Rockentot‘s Etsy shop.

My friend Kristin made her own poms like these for her baby daughter’s nursery, and I’ve been wanting them ever since.  When we got to Korea, Kate, Kayse, and I tried to make some, but could find tissue paper that was soft enough.  Anyway, I like them a lot!  Found here at Prost to the Host Etsy Shop.


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Obviously when Steven and I live in our own home some day, it’s going to be a hippy haven.  Gotta have the peace sign garland up somewhere.  This one is made by Tulsa Home Goods – they love their peace signs.