So there’s this song by Toby Keith.  You can see the lyrics here.  Here’s a sampling of the chorus:

Well, there’s a war on Christmas, it’s under attack
But this year America’s taking it back
Separate church and state, that’s what some liberal said
I say it’s time we separated him from his head
You can call me un-Christian but that’s not true
Buddy I got a present for you
I hope it’s the right size

When I first read it, I thought it was for real.  And for all I know, Toby Keith does sing it in his concert and does use it to rally his fans and others who actually think like this.  But I was also informed that this song was created for Stephen Colbert’s “A Colbert Christmas,” so that changes the context slightly.  However, it did get me thinking…

I just wish that, instead of spreading hate, warped opinions, and slurs against people who are different than us – whether they look different, act different, sound different, worship differently, vote differently, etc. – we would embrace the differences that make America so unique.  The world is rolling its eyes at the U.S. on a daily basis because idiocy like this is becoming the norm.  People can scoff and pout and say that we don’t need the world to like us, but if we want to continue to have a say in how the world is run, or if we want to continue to enjoy the luxuries that we have (I’m talking economic imports from around the world and welcome signs and red carpets rolled out for us everywhere we go), OR if we want to get anywhere near solving some of our own issues, then this really has to stop.  It’s only leading us farther from finding solutions to the REAL problems our country faces (unemployment, taxes, wars, homelessness, health care, education) as we find ourselves more and more isolated not just from the world, but from the neighbors right in our own country.

A friend of mine told me about a recent Op-Ed Thomas L Friedman (gush) wrote for the NYTimes.  If you have time, please read and comment on this very interesting take on what a wikileak might look like from China.  It’s really freaking good – What if China had a WikiLeaker?