I’m not really one to complain.

Ok, maybe I am a little bit.

But usually I only do a little dabbling in the complaint department when it comes to unimportant things.  I.E. This food is salty.  My apartment is cold and has mold on the ceiling.  My school is kind of hard to get to.  – You know, things that can’t really be changed or aren’t worth changing, so I’m just going to comment on them to for the sake of commenting complaining.

And I also know that nobody really enjoys reading about other people’s real complaints.  It’s like when you ask someone how they are, you really only want to hear fine or good or whatever.  You only care about the bad stuff when it comes to close friends or people you care about, you know?  If you say how are you to someone you don’t really know or care about and they unload all this crap on you, it’s kind of weird, right?  I mean, I can’t generalize – sometimes it’s not weird and it’s great to help someone out by letting them vent, even if you don’t know them.  But you get the idea.

And people really don’t like hearing about complaints when they are trying to celebrate.  Like, you don’t go to someone’s birthday party and be a Debbie Downer about things.  And when people are celebrating a holiday, say… Christmas… they don’t want to hear about how your Christmas wasn’t that great because it makes them feel bad or guilty or something stupid like that because they are having a good Christmas and they don’t want to worry about you not having a good time while they are.

You following me?

So I won’t say I didn’t have a great Christmas.  I won’t say it wasn’t slightly annoying or hurtful that the only gift and card we received from the U.S. was from my grandparents.  I won’t say that I wasn’t disappointed that neither of our parents put a card in the mail so we weren’t totally empty handed on Christmas Day.  I won’t say it made me cry.  I won’t say it was royally annoying when the cold water in our building was turned off on Christmas day so our toilet wouldn’t work and the shower was scalding hot water so we had to fill the tub and then dump ice cubes in it to bathe ourselves quickly before having to dash out the door.

[Sorry for grumbling, I’m letting it go right… now.]

But I will say that my Busan family made the Christmas Season, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as good as you can hope for.  Lovely dinners, White Elephants, Secret Santas, mulled wines, sugar cookies, pies and cakes, homemade and bought presents, and lots of love.  So some people have forgotten about us over here – I love it here, but it still isn’t easy to realize that it’s “out of sight, out of mind” for some people.  But I’ve still got lots of people and lots of love from those living right here in Korea.