I haven’t much been in the mood to blog lately.  Mostly because the usual suspects who tend to comment or even check up on new posts have also been on winter break here in Korea, and therefore I’ve noticed that literally nobody is checking this blog anymore.  I may wait to return to my usual snarkiness until school starts up again.

Things I’ve done since school ended:

  • Went to an orphanage on Christmas Day.
  • Went without water in our apartment 3 times because when it is cold, they turn our water off (in our apartment – this doesn’t happen to everyone) so the pipes don’t break.  Showers and toilets and sinks full of dishes and laundry be damned!
  • Went to Seoul with Kayse to pick up her sister and mom.  In Seoul we visited Gyeongbok Palace (again) and finally found Insadong, and of course made a quick trip to Forever 21 to buy some familiarly-sized clothes.  But it was FRIGID COLD in Seoul this weekend – coldest day on record or something some Korean man told me at a crosswalk.
  • Completed 2 weeks of English camp and am now starting my third.  Conclusion: 3rd and 4th graders are super wonderful.  5th and 6th graders don’t want to be here and they are going to prove it by not participating at all.
  • I’ve spent 40 hours (so far) sitting on my butt in my classroom because the MOE has stupid rules about where I can and can’t be during school hours and my school is one of the few schools that actually follows said rules.
  • Rode the KTX Train twice – always a pleasant experience.
  • Found out some good news about a friend who will be joining us soon in Korea!!
  • Got really sick one night (my fault).
  • Watched some friends MAKE BEER from scratch (basically).
  • Got really sick one night again (not my fault).
  • Rang in the New Year.
  • Found out that it’s my lunar year this year!  And it’s almost over.  RAWR- TIGER!
  • Read some books – oh! that reminds me – I need to do a book report!
  • Took the bus a lot because I’ve been cold.