(TTBR stands for Teenie Tiny Book Report)

The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship by Jeffrey Zaslow

Type: non-fiction

Page Count: 330

Received by: a gift from two friends of mine – we’re all girls from Ames as well!

Started reading: 12 January 2011

Finished reading: 16 January 2011

Interest level: 9 – I enjoyed reading it, and since one of the “characters” is Ames, Iowa, the place I called home for the last 7 years, I felt personally connected in ways many that other readers won’t be.

Ease of read: 9 – it was a cinch; no brain cells used or lost along the way.

Life changer: 2 – nothing about the story actually made me see the world any differently, gave me a different perspective, made me want to change my life in any way, or made me question the world I grew up in.  If anything, it made me wish I was still close to one or two of my friends from childhood/high school.  C’est la vie.

Recommendation level: If you are from Ames – 7; not from Ames – 5.  Any woman will enjoy reading this book if they have nothing better to read, but I don’t think men would be interested in the story at all.  I could be wrong.

TTBR Synopsis: Eleven girls grow up in Ames, Iowa.  They are cliquey without meaning to be, and their friendship lasts over 40 years, giving them a safety net in which to support each other through all of life’s ups and downs.  Of the eleven girls, there are main characters, and for some inexplicable reason, you barely know about the lives of the other girls.  I found this annoying.