I’m sure you noticed, but I added a page to this blog with some of my favorite websites about human trafficking.  If you have any that you know of or could suggest to me, please do!

This is an issue that I hope every person can become more familiar with.  There is this great verse from the Bible (probably totally taken out of context of the author) that says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).” The words, regardless of context, are true – that people suffer when they are kept in the dark. There’s another quote that’s stuck with me since grade school: “Knowledge is Power (Schoolhouse Rock, baby).”  With more information, we have the power to make change.

As I’ve written before, we hold the most control over the shape slavery takes today by simply being wary of our purchases.  Please do your best to make sure that what you are paying for was created ethically, by workers who are being paid fairly, and by workers who are not children (which is illegal).  Check the resources page (located at the top of the blog) for more information on how to inform yourself.

Our purchasing decisions hold each of us responsible for worldwide slavery.