Actually it’s gastritis!  Pretty similar to an ulcer but not quite as severe.

I got to the doctor, they hooked me to my first IV (I almost passed out), they had me lay down (thank God), rolled me on my side, told me not to burp, then gave me something to make me fall asleep.

Well, I thought I fell asleep.  They told me that I was still awake when the procedure began, because I kept burping and they had to get me to stop burping before it started.  Then they put that thang down my throat and checked my stomach.

I woke up about 40 minutes later, and was told it wasn’t an ulcer, but there is some inflammation in my stomach – gastritis – and I have two weeks of pills to get myself healthy again.  Which I am sooo looking forward to!

The only slightly stressful part of the day was when my vice principal called me this morning – I didn’t go to school today because I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink, and I was worried that if my stomach started acting up and I didn’t have water or food to put into it, it would be a pretty bad situation.  My VP called me and I think he asked me how I was doing.  I told him how I was feeling and about my upcoming procedure.  Then he asked me to come in tomorrow.  Which is Saturday.  I kept asking him if he meant Monday, but his English isn’t as good as he thinks it is, so we hung up with me still unsure if he wanted me at school tomorrow.  I texted my always helpful co-teacher, and she told me to relax, not worry, and don’t come in tomorrow – but I didn’t get that until after the procedure.

Anyway, I woke up and wasn’t loopy – sorry everyone who I promised some fun footage for.  Well, not really loopy.  Just tired and groggy and kind of quiet-loopy.  Steven laughed at me a lot, but nothing like David at Dentist.

There, you are all up to date!  I’m going to spend the evening resting, and perhaps go visit Ashley in Ulsan tomorrow if I’m feeling okay.  Have a good one everyone!