I’ve had a 192% increase in traffic to this site in the last three days due to the “Confessions of the Heart” post.  I’ve had a lot of positive responses, and I’m utterly flabbergasted that someone hasn’t tried to argue with me yet.  Maybe people have written me off as unsalvageable, or maybe at any minute I’m going to be rained down on with debate.  But if people have any opinion other than “That’s how I feel, too!” I haven’t heard it.

Anyway, I need to update you people on my life.  During winter break I noticed as I sat at work each morning that my stomach would just start to ache in a very painful, very acidic way.  But not the normal take-a-Rolaids-and-you’ll-be-fine type of way.  It was more of a burning/aching/all-consuming pain that made me want to roll on the floor and cry.  I’d put any food or drink in my mouth and swallow, hoping it was just weird hunger pains, but nothing worked.  Sometimes an antacid would work but usually fleetingly.

I had other digestive issues start up, but since I’ve been in Korea that’s been somewhat common.  In December, Korean food and I just stopped getting along.  I also noticed in December that the food I ate at lunch at school was making me feel ill.  I chalked it all up to food culture.  I didn’t want to think about it.

On Sunday, I was telling my friend Meghan about how my stomach almost always went crazy on me after I ate Korean food, and basically all I was eating anymore was bran flakes cereal.  I eat a little tiny bit of food at lunch each day, and occasionally I’d go out or Steven would make me something that I liked, but most days, it was just cereal for breakfast, a tiny lunch of race and kimchi, and cereal for dinner.

Meghan suggested I had an ulcer.  I told her I wasn’t stressed so I didn’t think so.  She said maybe ulcers aren’t only stress-induced and I should look into it.

I did.  I’m pretty sure it’s an ulcer.

I went to the doctor yesterday (by the way foreigners in Busan, Good Moonhwa Hospital is amazing.  This really friendly Korean girl with great English hung out with me and was my translator with the doctor and reception.) and told them what I’ve been feeling like and told them I think it’s an ulcer.  They asked if I wanted an endoscopy.  I asked them if they thought I should get one, and they said yes – it’s the only way to check for an ulcer.  So I’m going back today to be sedated and have my stomach checked for an ulcer.  If it’s an ulcer, I should just need some medicine to fix it, so I’m hoping by the end of the day that’s what’s happening.

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted.