If you want to know why (or how could) I stand with Planned Parenthood, we need to talk.

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The signs are snarky, but it’s because the battle is so ridiculous.  Sexual education and sexual healthcare are two of the cornerstones to what make America such a great place to live, for men and women alike.  I’ve met men and women from around the world – many of them deeply religious people – who say they would do anything to get something like Planned Parenthood into their countries.  They would kill to have  a place where people can safely go to get tested, or get their annual exam, to get checked for cancer, to get protection and birth control, to get informed and educated, and to get the necessary healthcare they can’t afford – and I’m NOT talking about abortions.

The truth is that people (i.e. certain legislators) want to think that everyone out there is (or should be) only having sex with that special person (of the opposite sex) that they marry.  But that’s not reality, no matter how much you try to legislate it into action.  And besides, that’s not everyone’s desire for their lives, and it doesn’t have to be – you can’t legislate someone’s moral compass.  But what should be is a place to make sure that infectious diseases don’t spread, or don’t get caught in the first place; there should be a place for poor, uninsured scamps like me to get healthcare and birth control; there should be a place where anyone can feel safe to go in and ask the questions that you couldn’t ask in school.

I just wanted to say again, I stand with Planned Parenthood!!

And again, if you want to know more specific reasons, I’d love to sit down with you.