Haven’t much been in the mood for writing lately  As predicted by my former co-teacher, the start of the new year has kept us busy.  I have two new co-teachers (well, I had Ji-eun for about a month before she went to New Jersey for six months).  I like teaching with both of them a lot, so at least that’s a bonus.  At least, unlike last semester with one of the co-teachers, I’m actually teaching – and not just sitting there all day, every day, while he talked to the students in Korean.  yeah, that was annoying.

What else, what else?  I’ve been reading again.  I’ve been thinking about life.  I’ve been thinking way too much about all the things I want to do when I’m home this summer.  I’ve been thinking about my two different friends who are ready to buy their plane tickets to visit me (I love you Christelle and Elizabeth).  I’ve been watching the weather too much, checking and re-checking in search of more consistent warm weather – we’ve been hovering in the low 50s for way too long.

I’ve been thinking about Peru and thinking about human trafficking.  I need to do more doing in that area, and right here in Busan.  Kate and I are going to go to the red light district sometime very soon, I hope.  I need to see it.

I’ve been thinking about how saddened I am about how people are treating each other.  Loveless.  Cruelly.

I’ve been thinking about what foods I can and can’t eat anymore since my stomach has decided to become handicapped.  I guess the rule is everything in moderation, except almost everything that is Korean sounds disgusting to me.  I think it’s the bland-saltiness of the food that gets to me.  But there are some things – grilled kimchi, meat dinners, shabu-shabu – that I don’t foresee myself getting sick of.

I’ve been studying Spanish again.

It’s just the end-of-winter/I’m pretending it’s already spring part of the year where nothing is happening but everything is about to.