Like the changing of the seasons, things happen real[sic] quick around here.

It was only a week ago when being home seemed months away, the weather was cold and bleak, and I knew what the heck was going on.  And now… now everything is up in the air and chaotic.

Since they’ve officially announced it to their family, on facebook, their blog, I feel comfortable following suit: my dear friends Meghan and Kyle found out that they’re going to have a baby!  They decided to tell me on the phone last Friday evening – yeah, on April Fools’ Day.  About an hour after I myself had posted a picture of a Korean-style sonogram.  So I didn’t believe them.  But they stopped responding after about an hour of prodding and joking with them, insisting there was no way they could convince me.  Turns out, the April Fools’ Day part of the joke was totally on me – they’re having a baby!  This is such a cool thing, but man am I selfishly super sad about the whole thing – because now they are going home in June!  I was planning on them living closer, sharing the same schedule as me, and getting to hang out with them more next year.  Oh well… as long as they move to Iowa to raise that kid, I guess I’ll forgive them!

Im going to miss that face, Kyle. And Meghan. Im going to miss you stealing my sense of backpack fashion.

That’s a big thing changing.  That changes my outlook on next year.

The weather got warmish the last week or so.  Not warm, but warmish.  Straddling between cool and warm.  If you’re an elementary student at Dongpyeong, then you also can’t figure out the weather.  When I ask how the weather is each day (I’m getting sick of asking that question but I’m not really in charge), I hear “hot,” “cool,” “warm,” and “cold” in every class.  It’s not hot or cold, but if you just came in from playing soccer, then yes, you’re hot – the boys are drenched in sweat after lunch.  And if your classroom is on the side of school with no sunlight and your teacher doesn’t turn on the heater and leaves the windows open, then yes, I’d say you feel cold.  For me, the weather is just a sign of better things to come – it’s sweatshirt weather, which will soon switch to sweater weather, and then it’ll be t-shirt weather, then it’ll be the hot and sticky need-to-change-three-times-a-day weather, wearing a dress weather, sandals weather, beach weather.

And oh my Lord, thank you for cherry blossom trees.  I never want to live without them.  They’re like trees with pinkish white clouds growing out of the branches.

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We renewed our contracts with our schools this week, which was nice to do but also stressful.  Lots of things changed that I’m not particularly happy about.  Nothing I can’t deal with for another year, but if I ever believed in unions and what they are ideally meant to do, I do right now.  I don’t want to talk about this too much.  If you’re in the States, you’re going to assume and apply American politics to what I’m talking about – don’t.  That’s a completely different situation than what I’m talking about.  Okay, not completely different, but different enough.  Anyway, some things changed in my new contract but my school wants me to start applying the changes NOW, although my current contract doesn’t end until the end of June.  Like I said, I don’t want to get into it until it’s resolved one way or the other, but it’s been stressing me out for a few days now.  I really want it to be figured out by the end of the week – tomorrow – but at this point I’m not holding my breath.  It would be nice, though, considering I found really cheap tickets to the airport closest to home that I don’t want to disappear before my school finally decides when and for how long I can go home.

Today was dark, gloomy, cloudy, and Koreans forewarned (and panicked) about the possibility – or, probability, to some – of radioactive rain.  Some schools were closed here in Busan because parents were too scared to send their kids outside in the case that cancer water might be falling from the skies.  Even though about every authority in the book has insisted that wasn’t going to happen.  My principal is at Everland with the sixth graders, so basically we were left to fend for ourselves against the radioactive elements.

Steven has been sick with an ear infection, I had to make a hasty trip to the bank to send money home yesterday, and then had to go get half a tooth sawed off and replaced with a piece of rubber until next week when they’ll put a resin replacement in there.  I’m bummed because my plan to be home for three and a half weeks this summer is foiled by the new contract, and now I don’t even know when I get to go home.  I got to Skype with my dear lovers Elizabeth and Sarah this week, and Elizabeth (and HOPEFULLY Sarah) will be visiting me in September.  Every second things go from good to stressful this week.  I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday – even though Fridays are my long stay-til-5 days.

The wind is blowing and our Aircon (not plugged in) is making bubbling noises.  I guess that’s a non-sequitur sign to end this rambling, melancholy post.