Spring is shaping up to be a particularly quick season here in Busan.  for me, anyway.  We bought our tickets for coming home last week.  We fly into Sioux Falls on June 16th.  We found some great ticket prices to both Sioux Falls and Des Moines, but decided to go with Sioux Falls so we could spend a little more time with our families.

To me, and I hope my family can understand, it’s my friends who have been my closest family for the last few years.  My mom lives in Colorado, my brother lives in South Dakota, and Steven’s family also lives about as far away in Iowa as you can get from Ames.  But my friends in Ames and Des Moines (and Kansas City) have been the ones who have helped me through the great and terrible times in the last few years.  So it was an extremely difficult decision to sacrifice even a little time with my friends for my family.  Maybe that’s immature, but it’s the reality I live in.  However, after being away from everyone for a year, we realized that we really do need to spend a lot of time with our families – so we chose to fly in and out of Sioux Falls.  And we are really anxious to spend time with our family.

Our original schedule and logistical plans for being home kind of got blown apart when some of what we wanted to do got shot down.  I am not going to get into that here, except to say that I shed a few tears this weekend because some offers of ours were basically rejected by people we were really looking forward to spending some time with.

So our new (tentative) plans are as follows:

  • June 16-20th: NW IA, SE SD – spending time with family and family friends; going to Big Springs to see lots of people I haven’t seen in a long time; I need to fit in a doctor’s appointment; I need the talented Kacee Athay to make my hair fantastic
  • June 21-24rd: traveling around Central Iowa to see our friends; possible short road trip to either Omaha, KC, or central IA with Kacee in tow (gotta figure out those details still)
  • June 24-26th: KC Girls’ Weekend with E, Amy, Kenz, Sarah, and Annie *HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE*
  • June 27th: back in NW IA to do last minute packing and errand-running
  • June 28th: fly out of Sioux Falls in the morning

But until all of that amazingness takes place, there are some things that have to happen here in Korea.  We only have a few short weeks left with our dear friends Meghan&Kyle and Kate&Chaz.  We need to go to Everland, Goeje Island, those little botanical islands in the south, a Lotte Giants game, and probably about a hundred other things, too.  On the school front, I have two open classes in the next month to prepare for, and I’m sure I’ll need to plan the entire summer English camp, as I  had to do for the winter English camp.

Anyway, that’s the news, straight from my finger tips.