The Dolphin People by Torsten Krol

Type: fiction literature

Page Count: 384

Received by: Steven pushed it on me like a Gideon outside of a public school.

Started reading: 6 June 2011

Finished reading: 9 June 2011

Interest level: 8 – Actually, although the story is just crazy weird, it’s also deep and interesting and I spent one whole evening devoted to finishing the last half of it.

Life changer: I’m hereby removing this from part of the TTBRs.  If it’s life changing, I’ll put it somewhere else.

Recommendation level: 8 – You’ll most likely enjoy reading this book.  You’ll love it if you like reading about Nazi Germany, indigenous South American tribes, and bloody piranhas-to-the-menstrating-vagina deaths!

TTBR Synopsis: German family flees Nazi Germany after the war (because they were kind of on Hitler’s side), ends up lost in the jungle, and become deities to a tribe.  Also, get ready to squirm.