Thursday, June 16

  • arrived in Sioux Falls to my family and Steven’s family holding signs.
  • Met Menchaca.
  • fell asleep promptly at 9 PM.
Friday, June 17
  • Starbucks and Target right away in the morning
  • hair cuts at Agape Salon with the talented stylist, Kacee Athay
  • BBQ at Lois’s house!  Saw my step-family for the first time in a couple of years! plus Kacee and Menchaca and Steven
Saturday, June 18
  • breakfast with high school best friend Ashley and her fiance and his adorable son
  • went to Akron’s weird mini festival in the park
  • went to Ice Cream Days in Le Mars and to the new Ice Cream parlor
  • BBQ at Rommereim/Leafstead Farm and saw tons of my old family friends
Sunday, June 19
  • church at Big Springs for the first time in years – saw Lauren Appley OMG!
  • Father’s Day BBQ at Athays’
  • camp fire at Oltrogges’
Monday, June 20
  • relaaaaaax
  • saw “Super 8”
Tuesday, June 21
  • road trip to Ames, Iowa
  • shopping
  • dinner at El Azteca with amigos
  • Olde Main party with TONS of my friends
Wednesday, June 22
  • breakfast with Kate and Chaz at the Grove Cafe
  • lunch with Rachel Scott at Centro in Des Moines
  • absentee ballot sign up in Nevada
  • visit with Evie and her kids
  • dinner at The Cafe with Kate, Chaz, Amy, Steven, and Ben
Thursday, June 23
  • breakfast and goodbyes with Kate and Chaz at Stomping Grounds
  • ran errands and stuff
  • lunch with IRIS staff (minus Del)
  • pre-dinner with Elizabeth at The Cafe
  • dinner with Diane and the triplets at The Spice
  • wine and clothes party at Amy’s
Friday, June 24
  • breakfast at Stomping Grounds with Paul
  • Art Festival in Des Moines with Kat
  • roadtrip with Elizabeth to Kansas City
Saturday, June 25
  • breakfast with Elizabeth and Annie at Sarah’s Hard Bean
  • shopping at the Plaza!
  • lunch at Spin Pizza
  • nap time
  • more shopping
  • drinks in Westport
Sunday, June 26
  • road trip back to Des Moines
  • dinner at Jordan Creek with Athays and Menchaca
  • visit to Grandma Betty’s! always funny
  • travel home through tornado storms… super scary
Monday, June 27
  • packing and re-packing
  • dinner with Menchaca and Kacee at The Olive Garden

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