WELLLLLL it’s summer time in the northern hemisphere, and if you’re geographically challenged like most of my friends seem to be, that means South Korea is also experiencing hot and humid conditions.

Summer as a public school English teacher in Busan means I only teach about 3 hours a day, then I hang out in my classroom (“deskwarm”) for the rest of the day.  Actually, that’s only slightly different than any other normal day, except the difference during summer is that there are NO OTHER CLASSES OR TEACHERS OR STUDENTS in the school except the kids and my co-teacher that come during the three hour English camp.

Whatever.  I’m over it.

I’m only writing this post to say that I haven’t been writing blog posts lately.  Big news, right?  You could probably see that I’ve only posted once or twice since I returned from the U.S. over a month ago.  It’s because of the tumblr I started.

A friend of mine, Rachel Morgan, recently asked if I would want to work with her on building some awareness about human trafficking in Busan.  Of course, I said yes.  The problem is that we haven’t really found any groups or classes or anything yet that are interested in having us come talk to them… and Rachel’s contract ends sometime this month, so soon she will leave Korea.

Now, I can still do this thing after she leaves, and I hope that I do.  But even if I don’t get any fish to bite, something really good came out of her asking me.  I started doing lots of research, and realized that it’s really hard to comb the internet looking for human trafficking news and references.  So I created a tumblr account called HumanTraffickWatch.  Since people are constantly sending me any articles they find online about human trafficking (which I do find slightly ironic – I’m not a boyband groupie salivating over any tiny piece of information about frontman G-Dragon; shouldn’t they be reading the articles themselves and sharing them with EVERY PERSON POSSIBLE so that EVERY PERSON POSSIBLE can know that human trafficking exists and they are perpetuating it with their ignorance?  I digress), and since I am constantly finding new articles and websites, I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just create a website that does just that?”  So I did.  And I spend at least an hour, sometimes multiple hours, combing the internet every day for news.  And trust me, when you’re looking for something, you start to find out where it’s usual dive-bar hangouts are.  I’ve had my hands full.

Please take a minute to visit the site.  I won’t lie – I’m really proud of it.  For the most part I just add the links to the various articles I find, plus choose some of my favorite lines or paragraphs to hook the reader into clicking through to the main article.  This seems easy, but it takes a lot of time.  And I do read a lot of what I post.  Sometimes I just skim an article, but most of the time I’m reading it; and honestly, if you’ve bought Hanes underwear, eaten a candy bar, or considered purchasing a Kindle recently, you have a lot to learn about the slaves who are doing your dirty work and the money you’re paying to keep them in chains.  So do the world a favor; find some compassion, and get yourself educated.  Your ignorance is exactly what slave owners count on to keep money rolling and human life dispensable.