Wouldn’t it have been so funny if Jesus had seen the cross and been like, “I know I SAID I was going to do that, but I don’t want to I don’t think God wants me to anymore.”  Why are Christians always changing their plans, crediting God for the capricious direction of their lives, and leaving broken promises and empty words in their wake?  Some form of witnessing.

None of the prophets prefaced their prophecies with “I think God said…”

If the all-mighty God speaks to you, you won’t need to tag the “I think” to the front.  And you will (hopefully) follow the instruction all the way through, no matter how hard or scary.

If God didn’t tell you something, don’t tell people that he did.  Because when you back out on it and excuse yourself by suggesting God has changed his mind on you, you make your God look fickle and you look like the fool who follows a God that can’t be trusted.  Just because you really want it and circumstances might make your desires accessible, it’s not indicative of God’s hand.

I’m frustrated by fair-weather “prophesies” and the Christians who are making them.