Summer is quickly wrapping itself up into a nice little package to be placed on an upper shelf of the closet.  In a sick and depressing way, I still feel like summer never came.  Last summer was spent half in the states and half in Busan, and I had so many new things to do and new friends to do them with, I was super busy.  Last summer I also got to leave my school every afternoon, which made the school’s summer vacation feel like a full 6 weeks, instead of 2 short ones.

This summer was way too short.  We all had to desk warm, and then EVERYONE took off for visits (or permanent relocations) to the States.  Okay, not everyone, but almost everyone.  The weeks I had off from school were hot and dreary, and I was getting over bronchitis.  I went to Japan and then had guests at my house for about a week, and now the weather is cooling off and school starts again this week.  Where did the time go?

I’ll be honest, if it isn’t summer, I’m not on my A game.  I hate cold weather and I despise the amount of time I have to spend outside and using public transportation to get to my school.  I’ll be freezing cold and still be sweating when I get to school due to the hike.  Every classroom is freezing cold, and I have to teach in a winter jacket most of the time in the cold months.  September and early October here are beautiful in terms of weather, but everything starts to die, making me depressed.  Then it will indeed be winter again, and this time around, I don’t have Kate or Meghan to snuggle with.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that someone should pay off my loans so I can just come back home.