I’ve been reading Japanese ghost stories and urban legends.  I just read one about this commercial.

Cursed Kleenex Commercial

In the 1980s, Kleenex released three Japanese commercial for their tissues, featuring a woman dressed in a white toga-like dress and a young child dressed as a Japanese ogre, sitting on straw. Each advert had the song “It’s a fine day” by Jane & Barton playing in the background. Many viewers found the advertisement creepy. Some complaints claimed the music sounded like a German curse,[8] although the lyrics are in English. Because of its unnerving ambiance, several rumours began to circulate about the cast, such as with the crew meeting untimely deaths through accidents and the lead actress either dying, being institutionalized or becoming pregnant with a demon child. The actress, Keiko Matsuzaka, is still working today and has not given birth to a demonic entity.

– Wikipedia’s “Japanese Urban Legends” page.

The Japanese found it creepy – so do I.