The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Type: literary fiction

Page Count: 387

Received by: bought off

Started reading: 5 October 2011

Finished reading: 9 October 2011

Interest level: 9 – I carried this book around with me and read it on the subway, in the bus, while I walked, and even stayed home all day on Sunday to read in bed.  The plot starts off as a twist and tangle and it keeps you going.  Near the end, you realize that the characters aren’t as dear to your heart as the Weasley Twins, Gen Watanabe, or Katniss and Peeta, but the imagery is so flipping amazing I kept going back to it like a favorite television show.  Somehow it was more visual than literary.  The plot rearranged itself and finally untangled in a slightly less than satisfying way, but not so disappointing that I cared too much.  The story truly is more about the magical world of the circus and the way the people ensnared in the circus operate and react to the mysteries therein.

Recommendation level: 5/10 – if you enjoy details and imaginative descriptions, magic and mind bending unreality, then you’ll really love it.  If you need to love the characters or if the twists and turns of magic need to be conformed to a kind of science, then you will not approve.

TTBR Synopsis: Two rival magicians with opposing philosophies and methodologies on performing true magic create proteges and pit them against each other to prove whose idea of how magic is best performed.  The platform is a public, moving, amazing circus that only operates at night.