Since I’m not overly traditional, and since the holidays here are morphed into the weird Korean version, last year’s holidays passed without much fanfare.  Mostly they’re just an excuse to get together with foreigners, eat a lot of western food, and hang out.

But I thought I’d get a little traditional and make a list of things I’m thankful for.  I’m never quite sure what people think of the situation of me being in Korea.  I think I need to reiterate that we definitely chose to be here.  It’s a huge sacrifice to be away from friends and family, and it’s a little sacrifice to be away from American culture/stores/rationale, but other than that, I’m fairly happy with my life.  I thought I’d share about that in a traditional Thanksgiving List.

I’m thankful for…

  1. Skype/Google Chat/iChat/Facebook/the Internet in general for helping us be able to keep in touch with people from all over the world.
  2. Costco/friends who send me food stuffs from the States/friends who have access to the army base in Seoul who buy me copious amounts of mac & cheese.
  3. letters and packages we’ve received in our mail box this past year, and the friends who took the time and spent the money and energy to send them to us.  (HIGHLIGHTS OF MY LIFE)
  4. the much preferable climate in Busan to that in Iowa (I got a mosquito bite last night)
  5. our new scooter!!!!  (I can not explain how much better my life is, now that we have the scooter.)
  6. a job (a job I love and that pays me well enough to live very comfortably AND pay off loans much more quickly than we would be able to in the States.)
  7. universal healthcare.  The hospital I go to even has a very sweet girl who acts as a translator for the English-speaking foreigners, and she has made every trip actually pleasurable.  (I’m thankful for Carrie!)  And knowing that I don’t have to worry about how much medicine or check-ups or procedures will be is amazing.
  8. my MacBook Pro.  It goes EVERYWHERE with me.  I’d be lost without it.
  9. My friends and family at home.  You’ve made the effort to keep in touch.  Some of you even have plans to visit.  We may be a very independent couple, but when people close to us show us they love us and don’t act bitter that they have to make more of an effort, it really means a lot to us.
  10. My friends here in Korea.  You’re my surrogate family.  Some of you I don’t even see that often, but it feels like home when I do.  Going out to eat, noraebang, DVD bang, traveling around the country, holidays, shopping, even just hanging out and doing nothing at home – thanks.
  11. New Korean friends.
  12. Sasha – She’s gone two days without peeing when she’s left home alone, and she seems to be much happier now that she’s trained to hang out in the kitchen all day.  Besides, I am a dog person – I can’t imagine not having her here with me.
  13. Steven.  You’re every amazing thing you think of yourself as. (ㅋㅋㅋ)  I’ll admit it (but I’ll deny it if you bring it up).  You cook for me, you humor me, you laugh at me when I’m not even being funny, and you basically treat me like a queen.  You’re my best friend (don’t tell Sasha).