In Glee, you saw Kurt being bullied by other students because he is gay.  Do you think it is okay to treat epople differently based on who they are? Why?

Do you think it is okay to treat people differently because they are younger or older than you? Why?

Homosexuality is not a friendly topic for many people.  Even in Glee, Kurt has been bullied by his friends just because he is gay.  Even though people feel sort of pity towards him, even they are in the exactly same situation, they must bully such people.  Even a person who is always telling himself that he doesn’t discriminate people based on who they are, he can treat people differently depending on situations.  I believe that treating people differently is not good.

Every person has different personalities and characteristics. It is a very normal phenomenon for people to have different qualities since all of the people are raised in different environments: cultures, races, and so on. People don’t have right to foce the others to be like them. We have to respect each other’s own nature. Being different doesn’t mean that they are wrong.

Even people who have different characters also don’t want themselves to e different from the others. Some of them even try to be like the others. They just cannot help being so. For instance, a person who is gay simply cannot help loving a person who has the same gender. It is not their fault. It is very natural since they have been gay from the birth.  They just have some problems with their hormones.

In conclusion, I believe that treating people differently should not be allowed. We should accept that some people are just different, not wrong. It is morally wrong to discriminate people based on who they are.