Is it rational to give people leadership jobs based on age or experience?

In Korea, “Age” plays a big role in every situation and every place. Even when a boss gives a person leadership jobs, they consider age more than any other factors like experience. People think the older a person is, the more chances a person will be a leader. I believe it is rationally wrong to give people leadership based on age, not on experience. In my opinion, I believe that experience is more important factor when a leader is selected.

Leaders must encounter some situations that are hard to deal with. When they encounter them, leaers are required to have enough ability to solve them. The more experience the leader has, the better he or she can handle the other co-workers. Being old doesn’t mean that the person has experienced more things. Even though a leader is really old, if he or she cannot handle or deal with anything, coworkers may think that the leader is a easy person.

Thinking age as an important factor is just one of the old traditions: Confucian ideas. Since Korea has believed it for at least 200 years, there are still some of the things related to this idea. Age was very important in the post but if Korea wants to be more competitive with other countries, we should change old traditions. They are not beneficial for the development of Korea t all. We need more people who can lead people, Korea.

Experience teaches a lot of things to us. If I have experience exactly the same thing again or similar thing, we already know how to face them. Even though we don’t know the “answer” of the problem, at least, we’re not going to maek the same mistake.

In conclusion, experience should definitely play a bigger role than age. Especially when we choose people to give leadership jobs. Just like I had the greatest time at school last year since I met a nice class president, having a good leader makes company or any jobs getting better and better.

Jeong Hye