The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson

Type: mystery/crime/political feminist fiction

Page Count: 465 + 503 + 563 = 1,531

Received by: bought off

Started reading: December 2011

Finished reading: mid January 2012

Interest level: 10 – I love this trilogy. Yes, Larsson is long-winded, but I love details. I love the characters, the content, the twists and turns, the mystery, and the resolution. Plus I re-read them all in time to see the new David Fincher film – and I loved that, too.

TTBR Synopsis: Swedish playboy and anti-social computer hacker girl fight off sexist pigs and bring justice to women. Also, they ate a ham, camembert cheese, and codfish sandwich on oven-baked rye bread, with a side of  Braeburn apples cut into small slivers, lingonberry jam, and Swedish meatballs. Both drank Pripps Bra beer in icy cold glass mugs, and for dessert they had Blåbärssoppa and a cigarette. The plate was decorated with green, red, and blue Dalecarlian horses, and a cool zephyr chilled their skin as they sat outside at their favorite cafe, Bakverket on Bondegatan 59.