Yesterday – no, wait, all of the last week – has been downright crazy.

Last Thursday morning (2:23 AM) some teenagers stole our scooter. We didn’t know that until two days later when we finally got a chance to watch the CCTV footage with the police. Since that time, I got my Korean driver’s license (which took three trips to the driver’s license office – and it isn’t an easy place to get to), we bought a new scooter, we got the scooter licensed, insured, and registered with the regional office… and after all of that, our old scooter was returned (with a dead battery).

Yes, we were driving the new scooter home from a trip to Home Plus, and when we turned into our neighborhood, we saw a very familiar looking scooter sitting right inside the gate. Here’s the deal – we’d already driven around Danggam-dong (our neighborhood) looking for our scooter, and we realized we were never going to find it. For one thing, the neighborhood is huge and there are too many alleys and underground parking garages for us to happen upon it. For another thing, it was dark whenever we had time to go looking this past week, and trying to find a dark colored scooter in shadows is pretty impossible.

So when we drove in and saw it sitting there in the dark, I was skeptical, but we both saw the shape of this lone scooter and Steven immediately pulled over. I ran over to it, still skeptical, until I saw that it was our make and model, and had the same scratches on the side. Steven had the keys in his pocket. We couldn’t start it, but the seat popped open and there was our helmet and some of our other things. I hugged the scooter.

Since the battery is absolutely dead (the engine makes no noise, and the horn doesn’t even whimper) we had to roll it over to our building. But it was so wonderful to see the two scooters sitting there together this morning.

Now… how to license and register and insure a scooter with no papers. And how to get a battery jump started…?