I should probably do things like this when I am not being dragged through the gutter.

But I really need to make a list of things I love about my life in Korea, because on days like these, I need to be reminded about what is good.

Things that are Wonderful about living in Korea

  • cherry blossoms 
  • the best strawberries on the planet 
  • a job that I love
  • beautiful beaches 
  • money – enough to live comfortably, save, and pay off loans quickly. This cannot be understated!
  • avoiding American election season madness/constant barrages of ad campaigns aimed to specifically make me feel inadequate unless I pay for XYZ to make my life whole again.
  • easy access to Japan ^^

Other Things that Make Me Happy

  • Alex Winston “Fire Ant” 
  • bright-ass red hair 
  • sloths 
  • this stupid dog 
  • surprises