Last night, Steven and I met up with our friends and Gaegeum neighbors, Gloria and Eva. We met Eva one night last October shortly after she had moved to Korea – Kayse, Steven, and I were on our way to getting drunk (it’s Korea, and you know what they say about Rome), and we ended up inviting Eva over to watch scary movies with us, wherein we all fell asleep and she walked home. Anyway, we met them over in Nampo last night (Gloria’s work is on that side of town), and they’d found a restaurant for a Korean food I’d never had before (samgyeotang? – a whole chicken with rice in it, cooked in a ginger-garlic broth. It was so delicious!). And as we’re sitting, talking conspiracy theories and politics, I saw a strange thing on the television news on the wall – it looked like something had fallen from a great height, landing and totaling a car. I pointed it out, and as the camera panned out, we all realized that the car was parked in our neighborhood! Yes, it soon showed that a moving crane had collapsed and demolished a whole row of cars in the parking lot of one of our neighborhood apartments!

THAT was the noise of the old men, the banging (not on dumpsters, but on cars) and the broken glass!

17일 오전 10시20분쯤 부산 개금주공아파트 305동 앞에서 이삿짐을 옮기던 차량의 사다리가 휘어져 넘어졌다. 이 사고로 길이 42m의 사다리가 주차장에 세워둔 차량 8대를 덮쳤다. 인명 피해는 없었다. 사다리 차량을 조작한 김모(36)씨는 경찰 조사에서 “14층에 이삿짐을 옮기고 사다리를 접는 순간 바람이 불었는데 그때 사다리가 휘어졌다”고 진술했다. 경찰은 정확한 사고원인을 조사 중이다. [사진 부산경찰청]