The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Type: fiction

Page Count: 224

Received by: bought with Kindle app

Started reading: 18 May 2012

Finished reading: 27 May 2012

Interest level: 8

Recommendation level: 8 – This seems to have the workings of a modern classic. I’m anticipating the film adaptation that will come out this fall (LOTS of good talent involved). Plus, it’s always a thrill to revisit the 90s.

TTBR Synopsis: Why is Charlie so strange? He’d like to know, too. Maybe friends, drinking, pot, homosexuality, sex, and abortions could help him sort it all out… set to the angsty* sounds of a 90s mix tape*, of course.

*I just learned that “angsty” is not a word. Angst is a noun. Do you believe it’s okay in our language to alter nouns into adjectives by adding “-y?” Just curious. It seems “angsty” is a word we all use, but technically speaking it’s not a word. Interesting, right?

**It is mixtape or mixed-tape. In the book he writes it as “mix tape.” I always thought it was mixed tape. That seems to make the most sense, but I guess I wasn’t around or paying attention when the term was coined, so I can’t judge.