I have a feeling that this song isn’t really applicable, but I’ve got the lyrics stuck in my head. Actually, now that I’m listening to it, I think it REALLY fits well with life as a GET in South Korea.

I’ve been feeling drained lately. There are a few reasons: First semester (spring time) is SO. LONG. with so few breaks or holidays. It’s been a sad time of preparing for lots of friends to leave – including Sasha which is literally killing me a little more every day. There have been things going on at home that have really made me homesick – or at least, remorseful that I’m not home to be more helpful to important people in my life.

Last week I got really sick with food poisoning – again. It’s the fourth bout of food poisoning in the last two years. And my school doesn’t seem to know or understand what food poisoning is, because my principal was angry I took those days off and I’m always told I need to go to the doctor and get medicine and I’ll be fine. None of those things are true. My stomach has been a major issue here in Korea, and after a week since being sick, I’m still not feeling totally better. We’re thinking of going back to vegetarian to try to avoid some of these issues, but that’s super hard here in Korea.

I’m not sure if it’s the new books this year or what, but teaching isn’t what it was last year. The classes are so dull and boring to me, and I’m not getting a lot of creative spark like I used to. I’m definitely looking forward to English Camp.

I wouldn’t even care about any of this, but I have one month and one year left to fight through this. I need things to pick up or turn around or whatever.

However, I have a lot of things to look forward to in staying:

  1. Another trip to Japan.
  2. Maybe a trip to Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau, or somewhere else…
  3. Elizabeth will visit me this fall!
  4. Another round with the International Fireworks Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and other exciting activities in my city.
  5. A scooter to get us around to more things, and our dog being home so we can actually stay out and enjoy them!
  6. Maybe my Mamuster will visit this year!
  7. A possible trip home to be in my sister’s wedding! Fingers still crossed.

That at least gets me through until the new school year starts. That’s when things, I think, will become both really easy and really hard. I’ll only be 4 months away from coming home, most of our student loans will be paid by that time, and I’ll get to start actually making some plans for my life back in the States. But by next March, almost ALL of my friends could be back home, meaning if I don’t find some new friends who plan to be here long term, I could be basically friendless (besides Steven, of course) for about 4 months.

I need to relax and enjoy this ride. I need to go to bed earlier so I am more awake and ready to be a teacher every day. And I need to hooooooooolllld on, for one more day.