Magnificent Nose

They called to us from the shore. We cruised through the Amazon in a large houseboat and watched and waved from the top deck. The villagers ran barefooted down the shore, holding up a frisbee. Our boat was about fifty feet away, but the leader of the pack ran ahead of us to stand on a downed tree and pulled his hand back to fling the disc. His body twisted and he popped his hips and tossed the frisbee, but it fell short–extremely short–and we watched the white floating circle pass by in the murky water.

Adios! we called, and the villagers replied in kind.

Then, to my great surprise, the man on the tree jumped into the muddy water. Would the current take him? What about the piranhas? And oh God, the bacteria! Everything we had been told about the dangers of going in the water was ignored by…

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