This isn’t, like, the most poignant article ever written or anything, but it seriously means a lot to me. I have a terrible time identifying as a modern Christian, as well as even associating with them, because I keep hearing all of this nonsensical rhetoric being thrown around without any foundation. It certainly didn’t come from the Bible.

I wanna share my favorite one, because this one isn’t just annoying, it’s actually incredibly hurtful.

“Everything happens for a reason.” I’ve heard this said more times than I care to. I’m not sure where it came from either, but it’s definitely not in the Bible. The closest thing I can come up with is “To everything, there is a season,” but that’s not exactly the same. The fact is that faith, by definition, is not reasonable. If it could be empirically verified with facts or by using the scientific method, it wouldn’t be faith. It would be a theory. Also, consider how such a pithy phrase sounds to someone who was raped. Do you really mean to tell them there’s a reason that happened? Better to be quiet, listen and, if appropriate, mourn alongside them. But don’t dismiss grief or tragedy with such a meaningless phrase.

I swear, I could have written this article.