Found another unpublished draft from the former blog:

I love when people want to talk to me on the way to work. I walk past one of the youth homes in Ames on my way to work, and I’ve been hooted and hollered at by young men on more than one occasion. Bright and early this morning was no exception. I was strolling along, reading my book, when I heard a clatter from an upstairs window, followed by a muffled “HEY!”


I choose to ignore “HEY!”s on principle.


Then he (I didn’t look up, so I don’t know what he looks liked) yelled, “Where you going this morning, beautiful?!”


“TO WORK,” I hollered back, nose still in book.


“I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU!” he called before it sounded like someone pulled him back inside and slammed the door. It reminded me of Teddy yelling down at Jo in Little Women before his teacher yanks him back inside and apologizes to Meg and their mom.


I laughed for the rest of the block.


When I got across the street from IRIS, a red-headed woman and her monsterously huge white dog came jogging alongside me.


“On your way to work?” she asked.


“Yep,” I smiled.




“You work at Martin Property Management, DON’T YOU?” she accused.


“No, but I do work in this building.”




“Isn’t this dog huge?” she asked.


“He’s amazing.” She jogged off.