My bloody red stains on my eyes are slowly being replaced with yellow bruises, and even some white has returned. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends.

The LASIK surgery came only two days before I received some pretty terrible news from home (not going to talk about that here/now). So my body has been under some serious trauma and stress. Because of that, my trusty orolabial herpes virus sprung into action, and I have a cold sore. You know the worst part of a cold sore? It’s the manifestation of acute stress, and so the best thing, in my experience, is to calm the stress. But HAVING a cold sore is seriously stressful – I mean, it’s HIDEOUS. And I’m always kind of under the impression that people see it on my lip and, like, insta-judge/become disgusted in my presence. I mean, I’m disgusted in my presence.

So there’s that, too. The yellow/red eyes and the cold sore. Then there’s the whole no showering for a week thing.

When I graudated from college, I really wanted to get dreads – but I’d recently chopped off all my hair, and didn’t find short-dread styles all that sexy. I wanted the long locks, baby, so I started growing my hair out. I know that dreads can be created and kept clean (although most people see dread-heads as dirty, because most people with dreads DON’T keep their dreads that clean), but after only 5 days of SUPER HOT temperatures and SUPER HIGH humidity and living in a country where the aircon isn’t strong enough to keep anything more than one room of an apartment mildly cooled, my hair is SCUUUUUURVY. I can actually smell it. I doused it with baby powder this morning, but it’s like the vileness of it is seeping down into my pores.

I feel disgusting. I look disgusting. 3 days left of English Camp and I’m free to hide out in my apartment… but hopefully by the end of this weekend, my eyes and lips and hair should all be back to normal.