Death is a theme that has shaped my life and the way I view the living. Death can be both terrifying and inviting at times. I grew up in an all-encompassing Christian household, so death was something that we looked at boldly – we KNEW where we were going, and our goal was to make sure everyone went with us. As I’ve grown older, my shimmery shiny views of death and the hereafter have changed, mostly to the unknown. I don’t fear my own death, but see it as a black hole that has sucked up many people who I have loved, admired, and who deeply miss.

Something about the Mexican and Latin American holiday, Dia de los muertos, or Day of the Dead, has become an obsession of mine. It’s high on my bucket list to visit Mexico during this holiday and watch in wonder as families gather to respect and party with their dearly departed family and friends.

두개골, cráneo, череп, or skull, I’m drawn and inspired. (All images were found on Tumblr – if you know or are the artist responsible, please let me know so I can credit you appropriately!)