But really, more than this, I’m just curious – where and when and how did we get the idea that it is our job or responsibility or right to take our personal beliefs – because God knows that lots of people have a whole lot of wacky personal beliefs – and force them down other’s throats via political power and legislation. I don’t get it. And I especially don’t get how anyone thinks they can separate the “sin” from the “sinner.” If you love the sinner but hate the sin, keep your mouth shut, unless you’d like a whole slew of people pointing to you, finding something you do wrong/struggle with (in their opinion), and start making you feel like shit about it (or at least, try to) and then try to make it impossible for you to do by making it illegal.

If you do love the sinner but hate the sin, keep your mouth shut, pray for guidance, and show people you love them. Because fighting to legislate someone else’s life will never ever show them love, and they will never ever think to themselves, “I know Jesus and his followers love me, they just hate my sins.” Right.

I write about this a lot, and do you know why? Because I am an advocate and an emissary. I will fight for people’s rights, because people are humans, and they are my brothers and sisters. And I hate that Christianity has become a political force of harm and selfishness and hate and prejudice. Until Christianity is a loud voice of love, selflessness, healing, and understanding (you don’t have to condone everything, I get it, it’s a religion – but you don’t have to make people feel like shit if they don’t agree with everything or have struggles), then I will sing loudly with the minority, the cast out, the shunned, and those who feel persecuted by a religion created around a man who never persecuted anyone except those within his own religion, but dined with those who were cast out and shunned.