On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

Type: fiction

Page Count: 329

Received by: Elizabeth

Started reading: 4 October 2012

Finished reading: 10 October 2012

Interest level: 8 – This book hooked me at first by how inconsistent and ridiculous the story was. She went on a 3 month trip but brought 8 months of birth control? How convenient. He broke his collar bone but was fine three days later? Uh-huh. They lived solely on a mysterious tropical fruit that DIDN’T give them diarrhea? I doubt it. However, things settle in and then you get totally hooked. In a very Twilighty, fleshy way. Let’s not mistake this hookage for a well written novel.

Recommendation level: 6ish? – It truly is a perfect summer/travel novel. I kind of wish I’d saved it to read on the plane, because it’s exactly what you need when you’re stuck somewhere. Something you just can’t put down, but don’t need (or necessarily want) to remember the next day.

TTBR Synopsis: A 30 year old teacher and 16 year old boy are stranded on an island. They learn to survive (including killing a shark, surviving jellyfish stings and diseased bat bites without any lasting injury, and building houses – oh wait, these are more examples of the things that had me reeling because they were so insane) on the island. In fact, it seems the most difficult part about their years spent on the island isn’t surviving, but falling in love. Weird. And yet… the sex scenes make it totally worth it.