Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson (and Jon Warech)

Type: memoir

Page Count: 256

Received by: bought on clearance at BAM!

Started reading: 7 November 2012

Finished reading: 8 November 2012

Interest level: 9 – Judge me all you want, but I have a soft spot for the Girls Next Door, and I always wanted to know more about the story behind the TV show. Plus, Kendra was always the most interesting, and apparently that’s because her life has been, too.

Recommendation level: 1 – You can stop judging – this is NOT a good book. But if you are like me and enjoyed the TV show, then you’ll probably like it, too.

TTBR Synopsis: Kendra’s childhood was insane, so it only makes sense that she became the woman she is. Wait, what?