Light in August by William Faulkner

Type: literary fiction

Page Count: 512

Received by: whatthebook

Started reading: like forever ago last month 2012

Finished reading: never gonna ever 2012 quit

Interest level: 3 – I was so proud of myself for finally reading Faulkner. This is the second book we started in our International Book Reading Group. But, try as I might, no matter how many times I picked this up and forced myself into units of time to read, I could not get into this book. And I have a very strict policy – if I’m not interested in something, I’m not going to force myself to read it. Case in point (or is it point in case? ㅋㅋㅋ): I was the gold star reader of anything and everything my Advanced English teacher assigned to us in high school – I was LITERALLY the only person I knew who read EVERY WORD OF EVERY BOOK ASSIGNED – EXCEPT “Old Man and the Sea.” And when I told her I couldn’t get into it and wasn’t going to waste any time on it, she sighed and nodded. That’s exhibit A. Exhibit B is the Twilight series (I read the first book and vowed never to read the others). I don’t understand why people feel compelled to turn LEISURELY reading into something else. If you’re not having a good time OR learning something, what’s the point?

Recommendation level: I can’t recommend it, because I didn’t finish it. That’s not a bad recommendation, it’s just not a recommendation.

TTBR Synopsis: Some dopey woman gets knocked up and can’t take a hint that her baby daddy doesn’t want anything to do with her. Some religious dude lives in a town where everyone hates him, and he has this one friend who for whatever reason falls in love with Dopey. Dopey’s baby daddy starts bootlegging with this guy who has an allegorical name, who gets accused of killing a woman. And lots of things I probably missed between gathering up that information.