I’m feeling a bit refreshed since writing my last post. To say the least, I was stressed, anxious, upset. Last week was my first week of my 18 day winter vacation, and all my other friends are middle school teachers, so they all had to work. Which was FINE, because I looked forward to a week of DOING NOTHING. Here are the things I didn’t do (at least, not as much as usual):

  • work
  • read the news
  • think about grad school (everything is out of my hands at this point, anyway)
  • think about my future
  • worry about guns in America
  • go outside/be cold
  • take showers (not too many, anyway)
  • put on makeup

Here are the things I did that made me stupid and happy:

  • listened to music
  • watched movies I’ve had queued for a while
  • played hours of Sims 3
  • read books
  • sent home a lot of money
  • cleaned and organized things
  • watched Steven cook
  • Skyped with almost all of my family

Yeah, it was great. It was definitely the perfect moment to fall into a vacation. I can’t remember the last time I felt so upset and embittered with the world. I know the more responsible way of solving world problems is actually engaging with them and seeking solutions, but actually for my own mental health, I had to take some time to separate myself from everything and everybody. This past weekend, Steven and I invited ourselves to Ashley and Angel’s weekend extravaganza in Eonyang/Ulsan, and we ate and drank and had a lot of fun playing games with good friends. I’m feeling a bit more proactive now, and look forward to playing games and drinking myself into the New Year tonight with my Busan friends. I might even put on make up.