Outliers, The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Type: non-fiction

Page Count: 309

Received by: Kat

Started reading: 26 December 2012

Finished reading: 1 January 2013

Interest level: 8 – I had two sentiments at odds with each other. The first was that this book was teaching me something unequivocally important to understand how to be successful. Like the dragon in the last book I read, this book was giving me an edge over the competition, a magical power that I desperately needed – knowledge. The other voice in my brain sent me in a minor tailspin of despair – even if I know this information, the information itself says there is nothing I can do to gain success on my own. I can be better at seeing success for what it is, I can try to take opportunities more seriously without letting them pass me by, but in the end, who my family is, my genes, where I grew up, everything else determines my rate of success.

Recommendation level: 10 – Read it.

TTBR Synopsis: “The lesson here is very simple. But it is striking how often it is overlooked. We are so caught in the myths of the best and the brightest and the self-made that we think outliers spring naturally from the earth.”