Justice, What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Michael J. Sandel

Type: non-fiction

Page Count: 269

Received by: brought with me when I moved to Korea

Started reading: read the first half in 2011

Finished reading: read the second half on January 2, 2013

Interest level: 8 – As a Political Science major and philosophy minor, this book brought me back to so many discussions, papers, and reading assignments from my college years. At times it was tedious, but still fun and interesting.

Recommendation level: 8 – if you’re in to politics and philosophy, you’ll love it. If not… probably won’t.

TTBR Synopsis: How can we argue what is good or bad, right or wrong, moral or unjust, if we don’t even know how to define terms or understand the philosophical foundation that defined them in the first place?