1Q84, Book 1 by Haruki Murakami

Type: fiction

Page Count: 309

Started reading: 3 January 2013

Finished reading: 8 January 2013

Interest level: 10 – I loved The Millenium series because of the subject matter – a strong woman fighting against misogyny (outside of the law, of course). In that sense, this book is similar. But the story branches into ten other directions from there, and the end of book one is just the beginning of the story.

Recommendation level: 9 – Part of the reason I love this book is that I’ve been to Japan and I love it. The story is crazy, but it’s tempered by the calmness of Japanese culture, with the undercurrent of bitterness against inequality in 1Q84.

TTBR Synopsis: A woman with a specialized skill for sending misogynistic men into another world realizes she’s in an alternate universe. An aspiring novelist conspires to help a young girl craft her piece of phantasmagoric non-fiction into a fiction bestseller. And The Little People are destroying 10-year old uteri and creating air chrysalises.