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This past week the temperatures creeped up into the mid 60s, so last night after school we decided to head to a great French restaurant our friends Eva and Gloria took us to. It’s close to Gwangalli Beach (my favorite beach in the city), and I haven’t been there since last summer. I thought it would be nice to eat some delicious food and then talk a walk on the beach.

The food was fantastic. Tres Bon has a great Korean chef who has lived in Australia, Belgium(?), and France, where he studied culinary arts and wine.

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This mural is across the street from the restaurant.

I had mozzarella and tomato pasta and Steven had a Croque Francois sandwich and homemade French onion soup. It was fantastic.

Next, we walked over to the beach and across the boardwalk. So much has changed in Gwangalli. It used to be kind of dumpy (in a charming way) and old. There are so many new restaurants, clubs, and bars! It’s actually really chic in some places.

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When we got to the other side of the beach, I noticed Me World, this tiny (and what I’ve heard, sort of janky and dangerous) amusement park that I’ve never been to. So we walked over there. Steven is going to upload a video of me being weird there.

We kept going around the peninsula because Asia’s tallest mural is visible from that side of the peninsula, and I’ve never seen it before, either.

2013-03-08 21.24.39We could see the towering I Park apartments from there, and we thought, let’s just walk over there and get some Jamba Juice. We knew that we had to cross a river, but couldn’t remember how far away the bridge is.

2013-03-08 21.35.25So we walked for a long time… and I Park got farther and farther away from us. By the time we got to the bridge (the orca bridge by Shinsegae), our feet were tired so we went to Starbucks for some cool drinks and finally took a cab home.

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