Things I want to do before I leave Korea:

  • visit Songjeong Beach ✓
  • explore Dalmaji Road ✓
  • drive through Haema-ru ✓ after the cherry blossoms have bloomed
  • eat at Tres Bon one more time ✓
  • go to MeWorld ✓
  • eat at the 돼지국밥 restaurant in Daeyeon that Jieun and Yongjin suggested ✓
  • Lotte Giants baseball game
  • soccer game
  • go to another cherry blossom festival
  • go to Taejeongdae Park when the weather is nice (so far, 2/2 rainy day trips)
  • take the cable cars again, when more leaves have grown
  • visit Gyeongju and ride bikes again
  • Buddha’s birthday lights
  • trick art museum
  • Hwamyeong 삼겹살
  • visit Geoje/Oido Botania again
  • Seoul in the spring?